MÜHAK Defends the Taxpayers’ Rights in Turkey!

MÜHAK Defends the Taxpayers' Rights in TurkeyMÜHAK Defends the Taxpayers’ Rights in Turkey

MUHAK (also MÜHAK in Turkish) the “Taxpayers Association of Turkey” established as a non-profit association in 2010 to defend and improve the Taxpayers’ rights in Turkey.

We believe that a legally secured investment environment is the key factor for the global business today. As a part of this understanding, MUHAK supports the Taxpayers in Turkey to defend their rights in legal ground. In MUHAK, we plan to render our service bilingual Turkish and English as soon as possible.

Please feel free to contact us in any need via our web site www.vmhk.org.tr or directly via our e-mail, vmhk@vmhk.org.tr.

for more info in English, please click here and Turkish please click here.