A Brief Explanation on MÜHAK

A Brief Explanation on MÜHAK Logo 800x800Since our website is in Turkish, non-Turkish readers cannot understand the content exactly. In this respect, we decided to make a brief explanation on the targets and the aims of our Ass’n MÜHAK in English.

First, you can translate the whole content using the Google or similar tools. However if you need an exact content of an article, news or regulation you can simply contact us via e-mail: vmhk@vmhk.org.tr.

You can also find A Brief Explanation on MÜHAK, below;

We have founded a non-profit association named “Tax Payers Association” (in Turkish-“Vergi Mükellefinin Haklarını Koruma Derneği” (“MÜHAK” in short). Our inspiration was the similar associations which are still very active in the European Countries, US, and Canada.

As of today we are creating the web-site of the association which we will be reaching to our members and followers.

Besides we have also created social media pages for MUHAK as you will see on our Homepage in different frames.

You could find the corporate identity of the association and its activities and projects, the up-to date-newsworthy developments about tax law /legislation, the news, blogs, research files, articles and interviews from the web-site. Our aim is to finish the design and content work as soon as possible. The work of our association is open to anybody who would like to contribute and it always will be.


-you would like to be blog writer in the right column of the web-site, please send the essays and a photo of yours to vmhk@vmhk.org.tr. The essays do not have to be so long or with bibliography or with footnotes, or with legislative references as they are not going to be considered an academic work.  As the name implies itself, you would note down what crosses your mind.

– you would like to be an article writer, it is enough for you to send an article about tax payers law

-you would like to make a contribution by just sharing news- up-to date developments you could again send the link or files to the vmhk@vmhk.org.tr.